How to Review and Select the Best Photos from Your Engagement and Wedding Shoots

Engagement and Wedding Shoots

Selecting the best photos from your engagement and wedding shoots is an important and often challenging task. With hundreds or even thousands of images, finding the ones that best capture the essence of your special moments can feel overwhelming. At Creations by Sam, we understand this challenge deeply. With 30 years of experience as an engagement and wedding photographer, our team of expert photographers, videographers, and editors has developed a process to help you make the best selections. Here are our top tips for reviewing and selecting your photos.

  1. Set Aside Enough Time

You don’t want to rush choosing the best photos from your engagement and wedding shoots. Set aside ample time to review all the images. This process requires patience and attention to detail, so ensure you’re in the right frame of mind and have a comfortable workplace.

  1. Organize Your Photos

Start by organizing your photos into categories. Separate your engagement shoot from your wedding shoot and create folders for different parts of the wedding day, such as getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, etc. This will make the process more manageable and ensure you don’t miss any crucial moments.

  1. First Pass: Quick Review

Do a quick initial pass through all the photos. At this stage, you’re looking to eliminate any obvious rejects, such as blurry images, those with closed eyes, or ones with poor lighting. Don’t spend too much time on each photo; the goal is to get a general sense of what you have.

  1. Identify Key Moments

Identify the key moments you want to remember and ensure you have photos representing these. For engagement shoots, this might include candid moments, close-ups, and location shots. For the wedding day, think about essential moments like the first look, vows, kiss, and dance. Highlight these photos for a more detailed review later.

  1. Look for Emotions and Expressions

One of the most important aspects of a great photo is the emotion it captures. Look for genuine smiles, tears of joy, laughter, and meaningful glances. These moments are what make your photos special and memorable. As an experienced engagement and wedding photographer, Creations by Sam prioritizes capturing these authentic emotions.

  1. Pay Attention to Composition

A well-composed photo can make a significant difference. Look for images with good framing, balanced lighting, and pleasing backgrounds. Sometimes, a slight difference in angle or composition can elevate a photo from good to great. Our expert team at Creations by Sam has a keen eye for composition, ensuring your photos are visually stunning.

  1. Consider the Overall Story

Your photos should tell a story. As you review your images, think about how they flow together to narrate the journey of your engagement and wedding day. Select photos that, when viewed together, provide a comprehensive and cohesive story. This will be especially important when creating your photo album or slideshow.

  1. Get a Second Opinion

Having another pair of eyes during the selection process can be helpful. Ask a trusted friend or family member to review the photos with you. They might notice details you missed or provide valuable feedback. At Creations by Sam, our editors often collaborate to ensure the best selections, leveraging multiple perspectives for the best results.

  1. Make Use of Professional Advice

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your engagement and wedding photographer. Our team at Creations by Sam is always available to assist in the selection process. We can help highlight different photos’ technical and artistic merits, guiding you toward the best choices for albums, prints, and digital keepsakes.

  1. Narrow Down Your Favorites

Once you’ve done a detailed review, start narrowing down your favorites. Aim for a manageable number of photos that you can feasibly display or use in an album. Remember, quality over quantity. Having a smaller collection of stunning images is better than many average ones.

  1. Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, trust your instincts. Choose the photos that resonate with you the most, that make you smile, laugh, or even cry. These images will hold the most meaning for you over time.


Reviewing and selecting the best photos from your engagement and wedding shoots is a rewarding process that allows you to relive your special moments. You can curate a collection of photos you’ll cherish forever by taking your time, staying organized, and focusing on key elements like emotion, composition, and storytelling. At Creations by Sam, our 30 years of experience as an engagement and wedding photographer ensure you have many beautiful images to choose from, capturing every precious moment of your journey together.

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