Major Indian Wedding Photography Traditions You Should Know About


A big fat Indian wedding is the most fascinating thing when it comes to enjoyment and fun. Indian wedding rituals and traditions are a beautiful mixture of rich culture, filled with heartfelt emotions and pleasure, complemented with vibrant colors, themes, and other playful ceremonial rites. The Indian wedding rituals begin with pre-wedding preparation and end with after-wedding ceremonies like wedding receptions. The beauty of Indian wedding traditions symbolizes the purity of the marriage, calling it a sacred bond that unites the two souls for eternity.

To get all the ceremonies carried out for a long time, undoubtedly, a photographer is required who knows the concept of Indian wedding photography.

For a meaningful wedding like an Indian wedding ceremony, getting a photographer who knows about the traditions and captures them beautifully is crucial. As in Indian weddings, proper etiquette must be followed by a photographer in every ritual to get the best shot.

Indian Wedding Season Is A Whole Grandeur 

Indian wedding is much more than a wedding because it is a celebration of two individuals and makes communities unite. Indian wedding is the concept of two families adjoining into one emotionally connected family. Indian marriage ceremonies are the vow taken by the families enriching the ties and relationships. The grand Indian wedding ceremony starts with muhurat and fixing dates. It is added by the engagement ceremony, fixing the venue, catering, flowers, decors, and everything needed at the right time managed beautifully for the traditional rituals. The Indian brides have a special spotlight in the wedding as the whole thing is about their outfit, look, and photos. Every Indian bride is excited about her wedding day; they dream about their magnificent wedding. To make this dream come true, their emotions need to be captured. Therefore, Indian bride photography skills must be a known thing to a photographer.

creationsbysamDifferent Traditions In Indian Wedding 

Indian weddings are not about one or two traditions; there are plenty of ceremonies that need to be covered under Indian weddings. This is one of the reasons why Indian weddings are called ‘big fat’ weddings. The spotlight in various traditions is necessary to be incorporated, making it a memorable and extravagant experience. Here are a few of the ceremonial traditions that need to be known if you are planning a big Indian wedding. You also need an Indian ceremony photographer to capture these moments precisely.

1.  The Baraat 

The baraat is a grand wedding procession filled with joyful celebration and is a crucial part of the Indian wedding. Traditionally, the groom comes riding a white horse called a ‘Ghodi’. With the recent modernization, there are some grooms who opt for cars. In traditional weddings, in some instances, elephants can be chosen to enter the procession. Upbeat songs are played during the procession, and the baraatis (family members. friends, groom) dance and walk to the wedding venue. Once the procession reaches the wedding destination, the bride’s family comes forward to meet and greet the groom and apply tilak to his forehead. Here, each and every ritual of a photographer’s skills play a vital role in showcasing the moment with excellent Indian wedding photography. At this time, a ritual called ‘aarti’ is performed to ward off evil eyes. Then the groom moves towards the milna ceremony to meet the bride’s whole family.

2.  Red Wedding Attire And Henna 

Two very essential parts of traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies are the colorful wedding attire and the henna ceremony, instead of wearing white like in western wedding culture. The Indian wedding is full of colorful attires as Indian brides wear a red outfit, ‘lehenga’ or ‘saree’ with a combination of gold jewelry. They look ethereal and mesmerizing with the fascinating embroidery in the outfit. In Hindu tradition, these colors symbolize commitment, spirituality, and connectivity toward the wedding relationship. Whereas the groom is groomed for the wedding in traditional attire, wearing a ‘sherwani’.

Henna, also called the ‘Mehndi ceremony,’ is a ritual that has been used since back then 5,000 years ago in traditional Indian weddings. It is known as the longest wedding tradition all over the world. The artistic henna designs are designed on the bride’s hands and feet, making it look beautiful and unique. Along with the bride, the female family members and friends also apply henna on their hands as it is a symbol of prosperity. It is one of the fun and beautiful traditions where a photographer can capture various candid moments.

3.  Jai Mala 

The exchange of floral garlands between the bride and groom is the ceremony that is commonly performed in Indian weddings. It symbolizes the meeting of two souls and the joining of both families. It is added to the exchange of gifts and joyous moments that add charm and allure to the wedding.

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