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Guests will receive a simple link to attend the livestream event containing information including a start date and time.
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There are many reasons guests might not be able to attend, ranging from economic, travel, and medical issues preventing their attendance but would love to tune in and experience (virtually) the big day. And it’s never been easier, as live streaming can be delivered via smartphone and tablet to most anywhere in the world. Consider adding live streaming to your wedding to enhance participation and engagement with your family and friends.

We have received numerous positive comments about this style of capturing a wedding. Not only do we pride ourselves on our excellent video streaming quality, but also on our ability to capture the feeling of being present at the event through the camera angles and livestreaming setup.

Event Livestreaming

Guests will receive digital formal invitations to RSVP and attend the livestream event containing information including a start time zone, date, and any technical requirements for streaming. Follow-up messages containing links to the stream or reminders will be sent prior to and on the day of the event.

Sam and his team are here to assist in the planning and execution of modern livestreaming and are ready with advice and technical expertise to seamlessly incorporate livestreaming including providing hotspot coverage for remote locations without wifi access. We are happy to engage with other wedding service providers, MCs, planners and event hosts to plan a livestreaming event free of glitches.

Livestreaming Experience

For a wedding that is principally an in person event, catering first and foremost to the physical audience at hand, a “fly on the wall” strategy may be preferable for livestreaming. This method seeks to replicate the experience of actually being physically present at the wedding as much as possible.

Often referred to as a “point of view” or POV experience, guests who attend virtually will be treated to an experience that seeks to mimic being seated in the audience during the ceremony, exiting and entering the venue, walking around the venue, and taking part in the event’s moments of crowd participation. A POV livestream may seek to emulate a virtual reality (VR) immersive style experience for digital guests to allow them to engage in the festivities as if they were actually present.

Livestreaming can help to facilitate digital engagement at your wedding with virtual attendees. Pre-recorded or live messages can be played to both the livestream and physical audience, from attendees who couldn’t come to deliver them in person. Video booths or mobile set-ups can be used for the bride and groom to film and deliver a day of blessing or message to be broadcast to the audience.

Technology can enable a bi-directional event, where virtual participants can consume video and photos in real time of the event, while also providing their own well wishes via digital guestbooks or sharing photos and memories they treasure of the bride and groom.

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